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Anthropologist Investigates Organ Trafficking Ring

Photo by Flickr user Kaptain Kobold

Photo by Flickr user Kaptain Kobold

UC-Berkeley anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes has been investigating the illicit trade of organs for the past decade. Her informants have helped her identify key figures involved in this trade, including Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum, a kidney trafficker who was one of 44 people arrested on July 23, 2009 for involvement in an international money-laundering scheme. Scheper-Hughes informed the FBI of Rosenbaum’s activities back in 2002, and has named several prominent East Coast hospitals where illegal transplants allegedly took place.

Learn more at the following links:

Stay tuned for Scheper-Hughes’ commentary in the September ’09 issue of Anthropology News.

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