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Economics and Morality: Free Intro Download

Altamira Press has released Economics and Morality: Anthropological Approaches in paperback. In conjunction with this release, the 40-page introduction by co-editor Katherine E Browne has been made available online (pdf). The full volume includes contributions from 13 writers who describe ethnographic cases that suggest new ways of thinking about the role of morality in economic practice. For additional info and reviews, see Browne’s website.
Other contributors to the volume include AAA members Andrew Walsh, Cynthia Werner, Tor Hernes, Joel Robbins, Rhoda Halperin, Catherine Dolan, Dinah Rajak, Walter Little, Rebecca Prentice, Christina Garsten, Aaron Pitluck and Bill Maurer. Anthropology News will address issues related to the economic crisis in October.

Kate Browne & Lynne Milgram, editors


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