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Nancy Scheper-Hughes to Appear on “Dan Rather Reports”

Nancy Scheper-Hughes with Dan RatherNancy Scheper-Hughes, medical anthropologist and director of Organs Watch, has shared with us a photo from her recent documentary film shoot in Maldova, Turkey and Israel with “Dan Rather Reports.” The documentary will soon be available online.

[11/30 Update: The hour-long documentary on Organs Watch will air on HDNet on Dec 8 at 8pm.]

[12/1 Update: The documentary has been postponed to air on Dec 15.]

Those interested in Scheper-Hughes’ work can also see Alison Weir’s recent article “Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft” in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Readers are also invited to attend “Shopping for Organs: The global trade in human organs,” BioCentre’s organ trafficking symposium on Monday, Nov 2, 2009, 3:00-5:00 pm in the House of Commons, Westminster, UK.

5 Responses

  1. […] the News: AAA.blog reports (and even has a still photo) on Nancy Scheper-Hughes’s participation with a “Dan Rather Reports” documentary on human organ […]

  2. When did (will) this documentary air?

  3. Dan Rather /Kidney Pirates press releae


    The trial of Rabbi Levi Rosenbaum is set for 3/8/2010.

  4. participation with a “Dan Rather Reports” documentary on human

  5. I missed this. Is there a video link of this?

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