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Premiere of NOVA’s Becoming Human on PBS

becoming_human_1Many anthropologists will be excited to hear that NOVA’s three-part special, Becoming Human: Unearthing Our Earliest Ancestors, will premiere tonight at 8pm ET/PT on your local PBS station (please check your local listings).  The special explores the significance of many recent archaeological discoveries and what the most current scientific research reveals about earliest ancestors.

According to the press release, the first hour examines the fossil known as “Selam,” or affectionately as “Lucy’s Child,” shedding light on the early development of our ancestors.  The second hour visits the first “human-like” fossilized skeleton found, a specimen of Homo erectus known as “Turkana Boy”.  The third and final installment delves into the roots of our own species, Homo sapiens, hoping to pinpoint where and when we diverged from our common ancestors. 

Producer Graham Townsley says of the production:

It is truly unique to have artists and scientists collaborating at this level in order to create the most accurate images of early humans based on fossil evidence.


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