Annual Meeting Bloggers & Tweeters

6 thoughts on “Annual Meeting Bloggers & Tweeters”

  1. It would be so much easier to follow the live blogging at this year’s meetings if there were free wireless. Instead, we get $12.95 a day?!

    The *Courtyard* Marriott across the street has free wireless, why couldn’t AAA work something out with the conference Marriott or iBahn to provide complementary wireless? Seems like a really basic thing. I was really surprised to find out that this wasn’t taken care of.

  2. I was also unpleasantly surprised to find that wifi at the Downtown Marriott is so ridiculously expensive — and that the AAA didn’t work out a deal for this. So much for liveblogging; those of use who were not planning to spend 12.95 a day on wifi need to go out to Reading Terminal Market, the Borders bookstore, or the Courtyard Marriott to actually blog about AAA.

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