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Water Governance and Management: January AN Online

January Anthropology News In Focus commentaries on “Water Governance and Management” are now available on our Current Featured News page, free to the public throughout January. Full issue content is available via AnthroSource, including the commentaries, an interview with Gregory Anderson and David Harrison on preserving endangered languages, a photo essay by Carrie Furman, and much more!

We received a large number of stunning color photos this month and have posted them in our Flickr gallery. We welcome your views and comments. Submit your thoughts on the January issue here, on the Flickr page, or through a letter to the editor to dwinnick [at] aaanet.org. To learn more about our upcoming issue on the census, see the call for proposals (300-word abstracts due Jan 20).

This month’s commentary series considers how, as concerns over climate change intensify, anthropologists have emerged as key participants in conversations about water use. Such work is crucial not only to assess the implications of floods, droughts and water rights conflicts today, but also the ways in which water has always been a mediated resource, and how communities’ relationships with water might change in the future. The articles examine water access and power relationships, development initiatives, water conservation and availability, water as commons and commodity, and emerging trends in sustainable water management. Commentary authors include John Wagner; Barbara Rose Johnston; Antina von Schnitzler; Eleanor E Shoreman; Ashley Carse; Jessica Cattelino; Carla Roncoli; Kathryn Hicks, Nicole Fabricant and Carlos Revilla; Nan Bress; and Simanti Dasgupta.


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