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AAA on the Hill: Racial Disparities Podcast

Congresswoman and CBC Chair Barbara Lee (D-CA) addresses the panel

Panelists continued conversations about race during the second day of the AAA symposium, “A New National Dialogue on Race,” that took place on Capitol Hill. We were happy to have the honorable Congresswoman and Congressional Black Caucus Chair Barbara Lee (D-CA) drop in on the panel to stress the importance of holding a civil dialogue on race and to thank the AAA and Science Museum of Minnesota for their continued work on the RACE exhibit. Questions that were left unanswered during the Q&A are copied below.

Racial Disparities: Are U.S. Policies Addressing or Entreching Disadvantage?
[Click here to listen -mp3]
Panelists summarize the latest data on racial disparities and offer policy recommendations for redressing them in an era of rapid social, cultural and demographic change.
This panel was blogged live at racialicious.com

Moderator: Eric Jolly (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Panelists: Marc Mauer (The Sentencing Project); Marc Trahant (Kaiser Media Fellow); Lesley Russel (Center for American Progress); Melissa Lazarin (Center for American Progress); Heather McGee (Demos)
Discussant: Ronald Walters (University of Maryland)

Unanswered Questions: [responses can be posted in the comments section]

  1. What specific tools are being employed to initiate the racial impact analysis that was referenced by the speaker from the Sentencing Project? I would offer the Race Matters Toolkit (www.aecf.org) as a tool that can be employed across policy sectors.  What steps can be taken to ensure that a racial impact analysis is employed in all policy decision making?
  2. Melissa Lazarin – What are your thoughts on the lack of higher educational attainment for Latinas in the US, and what do you think are the main causes of this social problem?
  3. Marc Mauer – Aside from reducing the current 85% to 65% (on the table for Pres. Obama’s scrutiny) overall time served, what other conversions are proposed to “level the playing field” for African American males convicted for selling crack?
  4. Leslie spoke of the lack of culturally competent care. Ron talked of marrying civil rights and health policy.  Any suggestions on how to partner with educational and other institutions to create venues for developing cultural competency? How can the RACE Exhibit be a catalyst for this?
Yolanda Moses speaks with Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA)

Yolanda Moses speaks with Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA)

A small portion of the exhibit was on display

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