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The Meaning of Water: February AN Now Online

February Anthropology News In Focus commentaries on “The Meaning of Water” are now posted on our Current Featured News page, free to the public throughout February. Full issue content is available via AnthroSource, including the commentaries, annual meeting coverage, and Knowledge Exchange features examining perceptions of and responses to climate change.

Be sure to also check our our Flickr page this month, which includes annual meeting photos. We welcome your views and comments. Submit your thoughts on the February issue here, on the Flickr page, or through a letter to the editor to dwinnick [at] aaanet.org.

Following January’s commentaries on water governance, this month’s commentaries address water cosmology and spirituality, as well as relationships with water as a community resource, key factor in identity construction, ancestral inheritance, site of habitation, and means of livelihood and transportation. Commentary authors include Marc Brightman; Veronica Strang; Jeanne Féaux de la Croix; Celeste Ray; Penny McCall Howard; and Susan Pettit-Riley, M Brian Riley and Arthur D Murphy.

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