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NASA e-Journal Seeks Submissions from Undergrad & Grad Students

The e-Journal of the National Association for Student Anthropologists is currently taking submissions, for their next volume which will be released at the 2010 AAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

According to the CFP:  

 We seek scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide about the application of anthropological theories and methods outside of academia or across disciplines for the purpose of exploring, problematizing, or addressing social problems. These submissions should contain original research. Is there a paper you submitted for a service-learning class where you addressed a social problem using anthropological methods? Have you done fieldwork in a community where you sought to create positive social change in the process of gathering data? Tell us about it! Scholarly articles should be under 4,000 words in length and will be subject to a peer review process.

We also welcome innovative commentary submissions to the e-Journal. Commentaries are opinion or avant-garde pieces of work that are the original work of the authors. These submissions are to express the next generation of anthropologists’ ideas, goals and beliefs of the direction our discipline should head, be it locally, nationally or globally. Have you worked in an internship, co-op or another job as a student anthropologist and wish to reflect on how you relied on your anthropological training? Perhaps you collaborated with students from other disciplines at a volunteer organization and seek to describe the value you added from an anthropological perspective? We seek a plurality of voices on this issue and intend to raise awareness among fellow students as well as more established anthropologists about the direction our discipline is heading. Commentary submissions might include such mediums as written pieces (approx. 1,000 words in length), photo stories (10 photos + 1,000 words of commentary in length) and videos/YouTube© clips (10-minute maximum in duration + 1,000 words of commentary in length)

2010 e-Journal Theme: “Circulation”

Drawing on the theme designated for the 2010 AAA meetings, the e-Journal will speak to the idea of circulation. Submissions that address circulation, as discussed in the 2010 AAA Call for Papers, will be given preference.

“The idea of circulation invites us to consider what triggers, facilitates, constrains, disrupts or stops flows; what is at stake in these processes, and for whom; and what their consequences might be for humans and for the environment. It opens up questions about what exactly circulates: signs, objects or bodies. Do different things circulate in different ways? Do they change or remain constant? What new phenomena, arrangements and inequalities does circulation produce? How are resources and ways of understanding them identified, made sense of, produced and distributed in the process? How and why do rates and types of circulation vary across time and space? What crystallizes and what continues to flow and reshape?”


Submission Guidelines & Deadlines:

All submissions should be sent as attachments and saved in Microsoft Office Word format (.doc or .docx) and conform to AAA style (http://www.aaanet.org/publications/style_guide.pdf). Submissions should be double spaced and should adhere to the word limits outlined in this CFP (4000 words for scholarly submissions and 1000 words for commentary submissions, excluding notes and references).

Send submissions, as well as any questions, to nasaejournal@gmail.com.


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