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AFT Releases Report on Part-time/Adjunct Faculty Working Conditions

The American Federation of Teachers has released the report American Academic:  A National Survey of Part-time/Adjunct Faculty, examining who part-time/adjunct faculty are, their working conditions, and how they view their work and the challenges they face on campus. The survey is a national sample of 500 part-time and adjunct faculty employed in two- and four-year public and private nonprofit higher education institutions. Primary concerns respondents noted involved salaries, benefits (particularly health insurance), job security, and professional growth opportunities.

In addition to describing trends in the survey results, Guy Molyneux of Hart Research Associates noted, “there is considerable variation within the adjunct and part-time faculty ranks. We consistently see pronounced differences—in areas such as job satisfaction, for example—between those who prefer to teach part time and those who would like to teach full time.” You can download the full report through the AFT website, and read an analysis of the report from Inside Higher Ed.


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