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Anthropology and Journalism: April AN Now Online

April Anthropology News In Focus commentaries on anthropology and journalism are now posted on our Current Featured News page, free to the public throughout the month. Authors include S Elizabeth Bird, Dominic Boyer, Maria D Vesperi, Mark Allen Peterson, Shannon May, Barbara J King and Gary Feinman. Full issue content is available via AnthroSource, including additional thematic articles from other sections by contributors such as Mark Pedelty and Kathryn Graber.

Anthropology has long had a complex relationship with news media. Increasing collaboration between anthropologists and print, broadcast or online journalists offers great potential for making our work more accessible, as well as boosting public understanding of and engagement with anthropological research findings and perspectives. However, it also poses challenges in balancing the goals, priorities, timelines and communication styles of journalism and anthropology, which have distinct methodological, ethical, theoretical and expository traditions. Read this month’s commentaries to learn more!


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