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Chicago Human Rights and New Sciences Event, 5/14-15

For our Chicago-area readers, the Human Rights and the New Sciences Symposium is being held today and tomorrow, through the University of Chicago’s Human Rights Program and Department of Anthropology. Attendance is open to the public with online registration. The symposium seeks to explore how “rapid developments in scientific knowledge and technologies have been challenging us to rethink our human condition.” Panelists will consider: How should our conception of the human and of rights change in response to emerging technologies? How should human rights laws and discourse change in response to new forms of knowledge?

Those who are unable to attend today should note that events will continue through Saturday, including a 9:30 am panel on “Bioethics, Citizenship and Human Rights” chaired by Judy Farquhar and an 11:30 am discussion on “Pedagogical Approaches to the New Sciences and Human Rights.”


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