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“Grad Student Socialization in Anthro” Volume Free Online

A Michigan Discussions in Anthropology volume (#18) on anthropology graduate student socialization is now available free for download through the University of Michigan Library. Eli Thorkelson’s chapter “Experience, Reflexive Socialization and Disciplinary Order in Anthropology” introduces the volume. He notes of contributors,

We take up a wide range of topics, ranging from anti-racist departmental activism to new forms of authorship, from the quandaries of pedagogy to the quandaries of fieldwork. We look at the blind spots in our meditative thinking and the demographics of our ongoing disciplinary inequalities, at the history of feminization in the discipline, at the instrumental careerism inherent in the quest for lines on our CVs, at the ways people negotiate selfhood as they apply to, live through, and sometimes quit graduate programs.

Additional contributors include Hanna Garth, Sara Stephens, Amelia Fay, Viola Allo, Kathleen Millar, Rebecca Prahl, Christine Reiser, Christy DeLair, Kathryn Graber, Anneeth Kaur Hundle, Jessica Marie Falcone, Susan U. Philips, Danilyn Rutherford and Mark K. H├ębert. See the project website for a longer introduction, bibliography on reflexive anthropology, and links to HTML versions of the papers.


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