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eJournals Attitudes

The July Learned Publishing issue includes the results of a survey by McClanahan, Wu, Tenopir, and King of 227 faculty members and their attitudes towards electronic journals in 2008. Abstract is available here (full-text requires subscription.) Survey found:

More than half (53.5%) of the respondents reported “that they electronically accessed at least 75% of the articles and books they cite” and “[e]lectronic access has also stimulated more browsing of articles, and previewing more articles online to determine which ones are worth downloading and saving.” 

A recent survey at AAA yielded anonymous comments like:

  • I favor less print and paper; more online publication.
  • At this point, I really wouldn’t mind if everything went electronic.
  • I would like the option of eliminating print subscriptions, replacing them with an email notice and link to anthrosource.
  • Make print circulation for individuals optional, with different costs for membership in the section.
  • I wish we could get publications online only (reduced membership price would be nice.) [Note: members can opt out of print copies of AA or AN when they join or renew. In 2011, some sections will also support a print opt-out alternative.]

What is your attitude? Does browsing a print issue introduce you to serendipitous research? How has your use of scholarly materials changed because of the Internet? Do you search for articles online, but read them mostly in print?


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