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Anthropology & Journalism Issue of Tsantsa Now Online

Tsantsa, the journal of the Swiss Ethnological Society, has published an issue titled “Anthropology and Journalism: Two professions between competition, cooperation and legitimacy.” Boris Boller, co-coordinator of the issue, tells us, “Contributions range from an article on concealed local collaborations of foreign news reporters or reflexions on trends towards an ’embedded anthropology’ in high-risk organisations to a plea for involvement of anthropologists in public life and journalism.”┬áSee the table of contents and English abstracts on the society website.

Those interested in this topic can access the April 2010 issue of Anthropology News on “Anthropology and Journalism” via AnthroSource, free for AAA members. Not yet a member? Join today or see a free preview of commentaries from Elizabeth Bird (pdf) and Dominic Boyer (pdf). Comments on the issue are welcome here and in letters to the editor (email dwinnick [at] aaanet.org).


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