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Contribute to AN in the Fall

Jan 2011 AN

Anthropology News is pleased to announce the thematic series for the fall issues. We are currently seeking proposals from AAA members for essays in all three series. Renovation and restoration is the theme for October. In this series, contributors are asked to explore how people recreate, renovate and rebuild for a wide range of reasons, from cultural preservation to recovery from human tragedy or natural catastrophe. Proposals are due May 20.

November’s issue will feature a series on funding. Contributors will have the opportunity to share advice, insight and success stories on how to fund projects, from short-term individual research to long-term projects by organizational partnerships. Proposals are due June 24.

We’ll close out 2011 with a series on the Peace Corps and Anthropology, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. AN seek proposals including—but not limited to—experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer, examination of the relationship between anthropology and the Peace Corps, influence of the Peace Corps on research and careers in anthropology, and coverage of events celebrating the 50th year anniversary. Proposals are due July 22.

Details and guidelines are available online. Proposals using multi-media content are especially encouraged. Questions? Send them to Amy Goldenberg.


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