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International Call for Submissions: Ethnographic Terminalia 2011: Montréal

The terminus is the end, the boundary, and the border; of course the terminus is also a beginning as well as its own place, its own site of experience and encounter.

Ethnographic Terminalia is an initiative that brings artists and anthropologists together to engage emerging research through installation and exhibition. As a platform from which divergent modes and methodologies of inquiry are articulated, Ethnographic Terminalia asks what lies within and beyond disciplinary territories, and how those boundaries shape the representation of cultural practice. Organized as a para-site to the annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, the gallery show will take place in Montréal, Canada, at Eastern Bloc Centre for New Media and Interdisciplinary Art (14-20 November 2011). Now in its third year, Ethnographic Terminalia represents a diversity of material, conceptual, and creative engagements with art and anthropology, capturing a multiplicity of mediums where anthropology and art intersect. These include: sound, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video, film, internet and multi-media, and engage both gallery spaces and site-specific locations.

Panamanian artist Humberto Vélez has accepted our invitation to anchor the 2011 exhibition with a premiere of his video documentation of his collaborative work, The Awakening. The Awakening activates questions at the heart of collaboration, ethnographic methods of investigation, and aesthetic production emerging from his “Aesthetics of Collaboration” project developed with curator Emelie Chhangur at the Art Gallery of York University, the Mississauga New Credit First Nations, and Monkey Vault Gym Parkour artists in Toronto, Canada. In Ethnographic Terminalia 2011, Vélez’s work will be exhibited alongside work selected by the curatorial collective, and works produced by our local partnering organizer, Concordia University’s Center for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence (CEREV).

The curators seek projects in any medium for inclusion in Ethnographic Terminalia 2011 that take up the theme:  field, studio, lab. These three locations––the field, the studio, the lab––comprise both their own communities of practice, and form sites of inquiry and production for artists and anthropologists. Field, studio, and lab are not only places where knowledge is produced, or ethnographic data gathered, but are spaces of everyday life and local cultural production; they are generative sites of encounter, negotiation, conflict, celebration, failure, disappointment and revelation—all of which can unsettle (or ossify) discursive, disciplinary, and methodological boundaries.  Click here for submission information. The submission deadline is June 24, 2011.


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