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What Do You Want AN to Cover in 2012?

What thematic series would you like to read in Anthropology News in 2012? What issues do you think should be featured? Share your ideas here or email them directly to AN Managing Editor Amy Goldenberg. Upcoming thematic series include memorialization, renovation and restoration, funding, and the Peace Corps. Recent series included sustainability, place, music, and tourism. Please keep in mind that we strive to have each issue appeal to a wide range of anthropologists since AN readers come from all fields and subfields of anthropology. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

3 Responses

  1. The anthropology of peace.

  2. Politics and elections would be apropo for 2012. Perhaps you could highlight anthropologists in public office (are there any?) or directly assisting those in public office.

    Also, could you restore the sidebar showing recent comments? It’s nice to see what people are reading and talking about.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions… it helps a lot with planning 2012.

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