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AAA General Statement on Immigration

Following the passage of anti-immigration laws in several states, the Executive Board’s Ad Hoc Group on Immigration has released a statement making recommendations to avoid investing in areas that sponsor or pass such legislation.

In further investigating the immigration issue, the Executive Board’s Ad Hoc Group recommends the Executive Board continues to monitor closely and avoid investing in states that sponsor laws that:

  • give police broad powers and discretion to single out members of a specific ethnic group whether in principle or by practice;
  • remove social services from undocumented immigrants;
  • ban undocumented immigrants from public schools and colleges, and/or charge discriminatory fees;
  • criminalize those who drive or shelter undocumented immigrants; and
  • require individual identification cards that indicate immigration status.

View the complete General Statement on Immigration.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts about this issue as a comment to this post.

4 Responses

  1. I am proud of the AAA for issuing this statement.

  2. […] Anthropological Association’s “General Statement on Immigration” posted on the AAA Blog and to the AAA Facebook page on Tuesday September […]

  3. I agree with Margaret Trawick–this is an important statement, consistent with anthropology’s history and research. At a time when many classes are discussing the importance of Franz Boas, this is a contemporary link. For more, see my blog-post Anthropology on Immigration: The AAA General Statement.

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