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Be a AAA Leader – nomination deadline extended

AAA Nominations Committee is now seeking nominations for the open positions on the 2012 AAA ballot. AAA members should nominate themselves. This year there will be elections for 18 AAA board and committee positions. (For a complete list of the open positions, click here; for a description of AAA leadership positions, click here.) All nominations must be completed by Tuesday, October 11, 2011.This is your opportunity to take part in the shaping of the American Anthropological Association’s future.

Among scientific and scholarly associations, the AAA is unusual in having such an extensive system of elected committees and offices. For this degree of participatory self-governance to work well, it requires that AAA members be willing to stand as candidates and give generously of their time and energies. Please check out the vacancies, and if you feel moved to do so, please indicate your willingness to run by nominating yourself. When you participate, it is good for the association, good for you, and great for your vitae.


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