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Is Governor Scott asking for an anthropologist exodus in Florida

In an interview on “The Marc Bernier Show” on WNDB-AM in Daytona Beach, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott favors spending money on science and math degrees; however, was quoted saying that Florida “doesn’t need a lot more anthropologists in this state.” Read Michael C. Bender’s entire post on The Buzz – a political blog of the St. Petersburg Times

As a political leader with significant national and international influence, we at the American Anthropological Association think it is unfortunate that Governor Scott would characterize anthropology in such a short-sighted way. As a discipline that has a rich and robust history, anthropology has made numerous contributions to the study of cultures both foreign and domestic, and has helped us understand humankind. Anthropologists are leaders in our nation’s top science fields, from groundbreaking discoveries in public health to homeland security, and anthropologists work in various arenas, due to the diversity of the field in science and the humanities.

Download (.pdf) the official response to Governor Scott from the American Anthropological Association: http://www.aaanet.org/issues/policy-advocacy/upload/Letter-to-Gov-Scott.PDF

Blog readers, what do you have to say to Governor Scott?
Drop us a comment or leave your blog link and we’ll post it here.


7 Responses

  1. Captain Primate also writes letter to the Governor: http://bit.ly/qv1d7r

    Follow more AAA member comments on Twitter (@AmericanAnthro) and Facebook (/AmericanAnthropologicalAssociation)

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  5. We shouldn’t waste time hating him, we should try proving him wrong.

    Although I detest Scott’s proposal, as a business anthropologist, I regretfully admit to understanding his position. Gov. Scott’s a professional VC, anthropologists often have misleading job titles, and anthropology schools really do need to step up their career resource centers. Here’s my rationale, http://ashkuff.com/akaBlog/?p=5687

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  7. I comented this issue in my blog (in spanish, I live in Argentina):

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