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AN Thematic Series on Health, Well-Being and Happiness

Notions of health, well-being and happiness are intertwined in how people approach and view their lives. The March 2012 issue of Anthropology News seeks contributions that explore these notions, particularly in this time of many uncertainties and changes around the world—economic, political, societal, medical, environmental, and more. How do we seek out good health, well-being and happiness? How are medical systems and healing systems interpreted, used and adapted? How do people meet health challenges, such as increased chronic illnesses and the obesity epidemic? How do preventive practices help move people towards well-being? How is health and well-being connected to notions of happiness? What are different interpretations of satisfaction and fulfillment? And how do notions of success and happiness changing? What does it mean to live a good life? We invite proposals to consider these questions and more in exploring health, well-being and happiness from a uniquely anthropological perspective.

For guidelines and submission details, see the Call for Proposals.


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