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Anthropologists From All Over The World Get Together In Montreal

Poutines are a Montreal specialty.

We’re pleased to share the this blog post from special AN reporter Guiseppe de Cesare (Concordia University). He shares some observations about the international nature of this year’s meeting.

As an international student from Italy studying anthropology in Montréal, I found the AAA meeting an exciting opportunity to learn about the research that is being done by American anthropologists. When I went to registration area, however, I was surprised to see that there were also many non-American anthropologists presenting at the meeting. In fact, I met scholars from all over the world: Japan, Belgium, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia and Italy.

I asked myself: Why did so many international scholars come to Montréal to participate in the AAA meeting? At first, I thought it was because the event takes place in Montréal, a cosmopolitan and bilingual city that attracts tourists from all over the world. Then, after interviewing some international scholars, I realized that many came either because they were fascinated by some particular topics covered at the meeting or because they were invited by their colleagues to be part of a panel. Moreover, most of the scholars were new to the city and, even though they found it attractive, they said Montréal was not the main reason why they came to this year’s meeting.

At the registration area, I even noticed people of different nationalities gathered together in small groups. For example, there was a group of anthropologists made by three Japanese and one Russian while another one was made by two Belgians and one Italian. In fact, for the international scholars I met, the AAA meeting represented not only an opportunity to present research, but also a way to meet anthropologists from other parts of the world.

In short, one of the reasons why this year’s AAA meeting attracts many international scholars is because it allows anthropologists from all over the world to get together, share research findings and socialize, all in a stimulating environment.


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