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Photo Friday

The 2011 AAA Photo Contest is a showcase of anthropology at its best. Of the 93 photos submitted, AAA members selected their favorites in each of the four categories: Practice, People, Place and Process. You can view the top 20 photos in Anthropology News. Here on the AAA blog, we will feature several of the photos in a new blog series, Photo Friday.

"Hay un Comprador" by Ariela Zycherman

Title: Hay un Comprador
Photo Courtesy of Ariela Zycherman
Contest Category: Process
Caption: Tsimane’ men construct and load rafts, bi-monthly, to transport and sell plantains. Demand for plantains in the Beni region has impacted the growth of Tsimane’ suppliers, as traders now regularly target Tsimane’ agriculturalists by sending weekly messages over the radio, traveling up and down the river, and bringing large trucks to the central river port. Tsimane’ now spend more time and area cultivating plantains for sale and household consumption. The development of the plantain industry has created a steadier cash flow for Tsimane’, who are becoming increasingly more reliant on marketplace commodities as forest resources are depleted and interactions with outsiders are more frequent.

Look for details on the 2012 AAA Photo Contest in late April!

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