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Alma College Adds Anthropology Major

Alma College rung in the new year with a new major to offer students – Anthropology! Below is an excerpt from their press release. Read the entire article here.

Due to strong interest from students, Alma College has added anthropology to its expanding list of majors.

Mary Theresa Bonhage-Freund, associate professor of sociology and anthropology, says anthropology has long been a popular “program of emphasis” (POE), which is an academic option for students who choose to create an interdisciplinary focused concentration beyond traditional majors. She wasn’t surprised when a student signed up to major in anthropology on the first day that students could do so.

“This term, we had to add another section of the introductory anthropology course because there was a waiting list for it,” she says. “With this kind of student demand, adding anthropology to Alma’s majors makes a lot of sense.”

Bonhage-Freund says the skill set that students develop as a result of studying anthropology is in high demand, ensuring that they can explore career possibilities in a wide variety of fields.

Click here to read the entire article.


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