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CDC Grant Opportunity – Racial/Ethnic Disparities and the HPV Vaccine

NCIRD – RFA-IP-12-004, Identifying Reasons for Racial/Ethnic Disparities with Completing the HPV Vaccine Series among Adolescent Females, has been published on Grants.gov.

Grant Description:

The applicants must address in the application’s research plan all of the following three research objectives: Among parents of adolescents 11-18 years of age, assess factors contributing to HPV vaccination disparities, specifically assessing factors contributing to series non-completion or not initiating the series, and determining whether reasons differ in nature or in importance by racial/ethnic groups (whites, blacks and Hispanics) or by poverty level. Applicants are expected to provide a research plan that addresses the following elements: Description of the geographic area(s) to be included in the study including population size, racial/ethnic diversity, income level distribution, and level of urbanicity. Applicants must be able to include in their evaluation: parents from at least one racial/ethnic minority group (i.e., black or Hispanic) in addition to white parents, parents of adolescents that receive vaccinations at public clinics in addition to parents of adolescents that receive vaccinations in private provider offices.

The application deadline date is March  28, 2012.

To access the announcement and application package:

  1. Go to: www.grants.gov
  2. Select: “Apply for Grants”
  3. Select: “Step 1: Download a Grant Application”
  4. Insert the Funding Announcement Number, formatted as: RFA-IP-12-004

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