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Photo Friday

The 2011 AAA Photo Contest is a showcase of anthropology at its best. Of the 93 photos submitted, AAA members selected their favorites in each of the four categories: Practice, People, Place and Process. You can view the top 20 photos in Anthropology News. Here on the AAA blog, we will feature several of the photos in this blog series, Photo Friday.

Title: No Fate
Photo Courtesy of Alissa Jordan
Contest Category: People
Caption: A female patient considers her future as the first songs ring out for a seven-day magical treatment in rural Haiti. The Oungan prepares remedies for the patient’s present misfortunes just as he helps direct her future using magical bundles. “How much of the future can I change? All of it. Spirits can be convinced to do anything God won’t. So I pray to him, I give food to the Lwa, and sometimes I tell people to go to the hospital.” Delle, a local Mambo, reflects on securing multiple paths to a proper course of treatment. The future, just like any other roadblock to life, can be overcome with the artistry and expertise of the peristil.

Look for details on the 2012 AAA Photo Contest in late April!

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