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At Work in Homes: Household Workers In World Perspective

Did you know that At Work in Homes, edited by Roger Sanjek and Shellee Colen, is available for purchase in the AAA online store at a special member rate of $7.00?
Here is an excerpt from the introduction:
At Work in Homes presents a global perspective on household work and those workers who are recruited to perform a variety of reproductive tasks in houses other than their own. The case studies in this volume, from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and North America, include several little-studied locales for household work.
We intend that this volume will affirm the value of historically situated study of household workers, and help to develop theoretical models that locate household work in a world economic system perspective. We hope At Work in Homes will contribute to the growing scholarly attention to household work, to debate about social policy, and to activism around improving working conditions and social justice for household workers in many national and local settings worldwide.

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