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Creative Fundraising Opportunity for Researchers

Today’s guest blog post is by AAA member, Matthew Piscitelli. Matt is a creative anthropology student, who readers may recall his crowd-sourcing efforts for his upcoming research journey to Peru. 

Petridish.org is looking for researchers with interesting project proposals who want to share their work with the world and raise money for their research.

We’re a passionate community of science-lovers and researchers.  Our mission is to increase the funding available to science by engaging the public in new discoveries. Researchers share information about their work on our website, where the public has the opportunity to donate to individual projects.  With your help, we are pioneering a completely new way to fund research.

We’ve recently launched our first group of projects and have already raised over $40,000 for their work.  Once chosen, you will have the opportunity to create and post a short video about your work targeted at the general public.  We will feature high-level overviews of the projects seeking funding on our website and in our media coverage.   Donors contribute to specific projects for the opportunity to build relationships with researchers including frequent updates on their work, and to receive small tokens of appreciation.

Applications are welcome from all disciplines including Anthropology, Astronomy, Archeology, Social Science, Biology, Health, Medicine and more.  Furthermore, while we welcome applications regarding project of all sizes, we are particularly interested in receiving applications for smaller, discrete projects.

It only takes a few minutes to apply.  If interested, please visit www.petridish.org for more information, and click “apply” to submit an inquiry.


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