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Confessions of a Teenage Anthropologist

Teen Ink is a publication by the non-profit Young Authors Foundation, Inc. that provides a space for teens aged 13-19 a place to share their writing and works of art. One of the teen authors, under the pen name Victoriagrace, is a budding anthropologist. Victoriagrace has started a series entitled Confessions of a Teen Anthropologist. One day she hopes to become a university professor or a museum curator, until then she’s working on building her portfolio by sharing anthropology with her peers. Here is an excerpt of her first entry:

Courtesy of the New York Public Library

Before I start, I would like to say that I hope that I am able to continue this as a series. This series will focus on teenagers and teenage concerns from an anthropological perspective. I am no expert, nor am I trying act as one. Everything is simply a collection of knowledge that I have acquired through reading and research. Take what I say for its face value. I am only an aspiring socio-cultural anthropologist trying to spread my passion for the field…

To read the entire entry, click here.

In reading the entry, one can feel the author’s enthusiasm for the field and for the future that lies ahead. Here’s where you, blog reader, come in:

  • Do you recall your first anthropological writing?
  • What was it about?
  • Does your current work drastically differ from your initial spark of passion or has that spark evolved with you from once a student of anthropology to now a professional anthropologist?
  • What pearls of wisdom might you have for aspiring anthropologist like Victoriagrace?

Leave your response in the comment field below.

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