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Seeking Nominations for the Open Positions on the 2013 AAA ballot

Today’s guest post is by Debra L. Martin, AAA Secretary and Chair, Nominations Committee.

Greetings to all,

We have continued to streamline the online nomination process for the AAA positions that will be open. As with last year, we are working hard to develop a culture of “nominate yourself”. I know that this goes against some who feel that they would rather be nominated by a colleague. The truth is, you still are, since there needs to be two colleagues who weigh in and provide an online letter of recommendation.

Remember that we no longer use the roll-over of candidates from year to year. We really want people to think about the positions available for each year and to nominate themselves for those that play to their strengths. Since our organization continues to grow, it is certain that most of the candidates will be people you do not know – that is why the short bio, the platform statement and the photo are so important once the slate of candidates is set by the Executive Board. None of those materials are due until after the AAA meetings when candidates are named, two for each open position.

The AAA Nominations Committee is now seeking nominations for the open positions on the 2013 AAA ballot. AAA members should nominate themselves. This year there will be elections for 19 AAA board and committee positions including a AAA President-Elect/Vice President. (For a complete list of the open positions, click here; for a description of AAA leadership positions, click here.) All nominations must be completed by Monday, October 1, 2012.

I encourage you to look carefully at all of the vacancies, and to nominate yourself for one or more of the open positions. The Nominations Committee always seeks to bring in governance members who have not previously participated, and the AAA committees (other than the Executive Board and the Nominations Committee) provide good opportunities for this.

I am very aware that some people feel disappointed when they are not used in a given year to formulate a slate. I want to urge people to not take this personally! It simply means that the Nominations Committee had a large pool of candidates to work with and was not able to include all candidates. Every year a significant proportion of the nominations committee cycles off, and new members cycle on, representing all of the subdisciplines and varied backgrounds. In reviewing candidates, the Committee members draw on their diverse experience and the materials submitted by each potential candidate to determine the slates.

Among scientific and scholarly associations, the AAA is unusual in having such an extensive system of elected committees and offices. For this degree of participatory self-governance to work well, it requires that AAA members be willing to stand as candidates and give generously of their time and energies. Please check out the vacancies, and if you feel moved to do so, please nominate yourself or write a letter of recommendation for someone you think would be terrific for the spot.

If you have questions or need assistance with the nominations process please contact Kim Baker, the AAA staff professional who supports the Nominations Committee.

All the best,

Debra L. Martin

AAA Secretary and Chair, Nominations Committee


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