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Additional Sessions

This 111th Annual Meeting  is one of the largest meetings in the history of AAA Annual Meetings. With more sessions, workshops, meetings, salons and innovents than ever before, there’s so many events to chose from.  Here are few that you might find interesting that are taking place in the San Francisco Hilton Union Square:

Friday, November 16
Human Sexuality and Anthropology (HSAIG) Business Meeting 4-0445
12:15-1:30pm  Union Square 11

Anthropology and Literary Engagements: Crosing Borders of Academic and Creative Writing 4-0730
1:45-5:30pm Continental 8

Secret Conspiracy of Hope: A Multimedia Show 4-1025
7:00-8:15pm Continental 1

Society for the Anthropology of Religion (SAR) Board Meeting 4-1175
7:30-9pm *Located at The Slanted Door

Saturday, November 17
Voices in Movement: Phonetic Border Crossings 5-0130
8:00-9:45am Union Square 8

Crossing the Wires: Network, Sense and the Horizons of Connectivity in East Asia 5-0150
8:00-9:45am Golden Gate 2

Tour: Italy in San Francisco 5-0895
2:00-5:00pm Meet at Concierge Desk

Silver Lining: Older People Crossing Boundaries and Defying Expectations 5-1050
4:00-5:45pm Van Ness

Sunday, November 18
Religion, Sex, Secularism 6-0010
8:00-9:45am Union Square 5-6

Critical Heritage Studies in Contested Realms 6-0030
8:00-9:45am Continental 7

Remembering Two Astronauts of the Human Soul: Steve Rubenstein and Neil Whitehead 6-0070
8:00-9:45am Continental 1

Social Dynamics, Decisions, and Frameworks of Sacred Spaces 6-0135
8:00-9:45am Union Square 15-16

From “Stone-Age” to “Real-Time”: Temporalities and Mobilities in and Beyond Papua 6-0200
8:00-11:45am Union Square 19-20

Recycling Mauss: ‘Old’ Solidarities in New Times of Crisis 6-0230
8:00-11:45am Imperial B

Anthropology of Extreme Environments: Human Dynamics in Uninhabitable Places 6-0290
10:15am-12:00pm Golden Gate 2

Working Models: Research Brought to Bear on Discourses of Health and Well-Being 6-0335
10:15am-12:00pm Union Square 15-16

Cosmology and the Cultural Construction of Space 6-0345
10:15am-12:00pm Continental 4

Pacific Masculinities 6-0415
10:15am-1pm Powell


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