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4 AAA Career Toolkits Left – Buy Yours Today!

Students, get your hands on the AAA Career Toolkit with book The Anthropology Graduate’s Guide: From Student to a Career before it’s gone! We have four left in inventory and when they’re gone they’re gone. Buy yours today!

Applied anthropologists Carol Ellick and Joe Watkins, authors of The Anthropology Graduate’s Guide From Student to a Career (Left Coast Press), will present a set of practical steps to assist you through the transition from your career as a student into a career in a wide range of professions that an anthropology degree can be used. The stories, scenarios, and activities presented in this book are intended to inform you how to plan for the transition from student into a career, write your letter of introduction, construct your resume, and learn how to best present your knowledge, skills, and abilities to prospective employers. Ellick and Watkins’ approach helps you create a portfolio that you will use time and time again as you build your career.

The AAA Career Toolkit includes:
Professional Portfolio File Folder
The Anthropology Graduate’s Guide: From Student to a Career by Carol Ellick and Joe Watkins (Left Coast Press)
Career Journal
This toolkit is available for purchase at a discounted member price of $25.00. Get yours today!

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