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AAA Student Summer Internship – Call for Applications

The American Anthropological Association is pleased to offer two internship opportunities funded by member donations and one internship opportunity funded by the Association for Feminist Anthropology for the summer of 2013.

Internships are six weeks in length from June 30 through August 17, 2013.  Internships are unpaid however; interns will be provided housing and a meal/travel stipend.

Interns will spend approximately 40 percent of their time working onsite at the AAA offices in Arlington, Virginia, and the other 60 percent of their time working on-site at one of three locations described below.


  • Undergraduate students in their junior or senior year
  • First Year Graduate students (completing the first year of graduate work by June 2013)

Visit the AAA Summer Internship Program webpage for the application. Application deadline is March 15, 2013.

Click here to support this Internship Program through a financial contribution.

NHHC Internship
The Underwater Archaeology Branch (UAB) of the Naval History & Heritage Command (NHHC), the official history program of the Department of the Navy, is located at Washington’s historical Navy Yard. The office serves four main functions:

  • Cultural Resource Management, Historic Preservation & Policy Development  Resource management involves implementing an overall cultural heritage policy, ensuring Navy remains in compliance with federal laws and regulations, forming a sunken military craft inventory, crafting individual site management plans, coordinating violation enforcement, coordinating human remains issues, and extensive collaboration with federal, state, local agencies, international counterparts, the non-profit sector, the private sector and the public to best manage sunken military craft.
  • Archaeological & Historical Research Intrinsically tied to the management of sunken military craft are the inventory, survey, assessment, documentation, research and monitoring of these ship and aircraft wrecks.  NHHC undertakes archaeological research as a lead agency, as a collaborator, as a guide, and as a monitor and permit-issuer in the case of external archaeological surveys and/or actions that disturb sunken military craft.
  • Artifact Conservation & Curation –  All historic artifacts recovered from an underwater environment require some form of conservation and a proper curation environment to remain in a stable condition. NHHC, via its Archaeology & Conservation Laboratory, is directly responsible for about 9,000 artifacts originating from sunken military craft.
  • Education, Public Relations & Information Dissemination Public education and outreach is a fundamental mission component of NHHC as it helps promote the Navy’s heritage and preserve its sunken military craft from disturbance. Information dissemination occurs through channels such as publications, presentations, lectures, a web and social media presence, and press coverage is pursued on a regular basis.

Interns can expect to work on tasks such as: preparing, undertaking, or following up on field investigations; conducting archaeological and historical research; reviewing, editing or preparing reports; synthesizing information and preparing policy or case study briefings; conserving artifacts; assisting with the UAB artifact inventory, management, and loan programs; coordinating partner and inter-agency correspondence; and participating in public outreach and education initiatives such as tours, lectures, presentations, and web presence.

National Museum of African Art Internship
The National Museum of African Art has the largest publicly held collection of contemporary African art in the United States. This collection includes more than 9,000 objects representing nearly every country in Africa dating from ancient to contemporary times, and includes textiles, photography, sculpture, pottery, paintings, jewelry and video art.

According to the Smithsonian, the museum’s mission is to foster the discovery and appreciation of the visual arts of Africa, the cradle of humanity.

The selected intern would be placed in the museum’s curatorial department, and their assignment would include object-based work related to a future exhibition.

An interest in gender theory as it relates to African culture and art is required for this internship, as well as a background in curatorial practice and procedures.

AFA 25th Anniversary Internship

The Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA) has several initiatives planned for 2013 in celebration of our 25th anniversary as a formal section of the AAA. One of these initiatives is the release of a brief report on AFA’s history based principally on records housed within the National Anthropological Archives (NAA) of the Smithsonian Institution. This report will be researched and authored by a summer intern under the supervision of Dr. Jane Henrici, AFA President.

AFA promotes feminist anthropological methods, theories, pedagogy, and applications across all anthropological subfields and occupations. Providing support and guidance for an intern to undertake the primary work on this history is both reflective of AFA principles and helps to honor those who worked so hard to get gendered inequities recognized and critical responses integrated throughout anthropological scholarship and practice.

The intern selected for this research and writing project will prepare an historical study on the AFA and feminist anthropology through an examination of the NAA AFA archives and supplemental university library materials. If time allows, the intern also might conduct a select number of interviews with knowledgeable AFA members.

The intern will produce a draft of the AFA’s history, a works cited/reference list, and an additional resources section for readers interested in related readings and websites. In addition to preparing the complete draft of the formal report, the intern will be asked to provide informal blog posts and other short updates to AFA social media sites. There may also be opportunities to speak publicly about this project while in Washington, DC and at the 25th Anniversary AFA Business Meeting during the AAA annual meetings in Chicago. The internship will have off-site supervision maintained through daily email correspondence and weekly office or archive meetings by Dr. Jane Henrici, AFA president.

Applicants are welcome who express interest in issues of gender, intersectionality, and feminisms; are skilled at working independently to complete the steps needed toward a publication including fact-checking and copyediting; and who enjoy the work of historical investigation.

AAA On-Site Activities
AAA activities will include the following:

  • Assisting in the planning for the RACE: Are We So Different? press viewing for its opening at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History; research membership trends in the AAA; developing and drafting materials for the AAA bi-weekly podcasts; drafting text for Anthropology News (AN) newsletter articles and other activities as assigned.


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