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What’s the AnthroGuide All About?

AnthroGuide Through the YearsWhat is an “AnthroGuide” anyway? At its core, the AnthroGuide is the premier directory of anthropological institutions and professionals, including universities, community colleges, government organizations, museums, companies, and non-profits. It cuts across all types of anthropology and offers something for every type of anthropologist: students, professors, practicing anthropologists, anyone you can think of. If you have an interest in anthropology, chances are the guide is a perfect resource for you.

So we’ve established that it’s interesting, a fascinating book and an invaluableĀ online resource. But I can guess what you’re wondering. Why should your institution bother listing; what would you get out of it?

Good question! Here’s your answer: a lot. Okay, that doesn’t quite explain what makes the AnthroGuide great, so I’ll give you the details.

Containing a wealth of information about their favorite topic, the AnthroGuide easily captures the attention of students everywhere. For a university, it’s a surefire way to draw in more students. For a company or non-profit, it displays a side of your institution that people may not have known and attracts quality interns, employees, and volunteers. How does the AnthroGuide do all of this? Simple! It gives you the opportunity to tell everyone about just how amazing your institution is, to lay out all of the details and show what makes it special. You have the opportunity to brag about any facilities, resources, or libraries at your disposal and any degrees or special programs you offer. Better yet, your internships, field schools, and support opportunities have a place in an AnthroGuide listing as well. This knowledge is often the deciding factor when choosing a university. The icing on the cake here is that all of this can be found online: an easy, straightforward search can put this information within a student’s grasp.

On top of all that, an AnthroGuide listing includes any faculty and staff member you want. Not only does it contain their names, but it’s also the perfect place to spotlight their degrees, areas of knowledge, and academic interests. Naturally, this proves useful to students trying to decide on a graduate program, but it can do even more than that. This information is also at the fingertips of people who want to collaborate on papers, projects, or grants but don’t know where to find that perfect partner. By having your faculty members or staff researchers listed, you’re doing yourself and your fellow anthropologists a favor, making your names visible, front and center. It’s much easier to be involved in collaborations when people can find your name!

Bottom line here? The AnthroGuide has something to offer everyone, listers and readers alike. Institutions can bring in more students. Students can find their perfect school. Institutions can proudly announce their faculty. It’s one of the few true win-win scenarios! So what are you waiting for? The next step is easy: sign up for the AnthroGuide today! Simply send an email to guide@aaanet.org and we’ll be thrilled to help you create a listing!


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