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Calling All Shutterbugs – The 2013 AAA Photo Contest

camera-gifThe AAA Photo Contest is designed to demonstrate the rich possibilities of anthropological work through photography. The impressive array of photos received in the past illustrates the diverse and exciting work anthropologists pursue, as well as the insights that AAA members have to offer.

Guidelines for Photographers

  • Entries may be submitted online May 1 through June 30.
  • Each participant may submit up to two high resolution photos.
  • Participants will be asked to select one of four categories for each photo:
    • People photos feature the “who” of anthropology. They may include portraits, small groups, crowds, researchers and more.
    • Place photos focus on the “where” of anthropology. Emphasis is on the location more than anything else.
    • Practice photos show the “what” of anthropology. They may focus on a specific area of study, but they may also show what anthropologists do in the course of their work.
    • Process photos demonstrate the “how” of anthropology. These photos are likely to show an in-depth aspect of anthropological work.
  • Include a title and brief caption that emphasizes the photo’s connection to anthropology.
  • Qualifying photos must be from January 2011 or later. Previous submissions do not qualify.
  • Participation is open only to AAA members.

AN staff will ensure photos meet qualifying standards:

  • Photo is in focus (don’t worry – we recognize the creative use of depth of field)
  • Caption connects the photo with anthropology
  • Resolution is high enough to print up to 14″ on the longest side
  • The entrant is both the photographer and a current AAA member

Ready to submit your photos? Click here.

All qualifying photos will move onto the next phase…

Voting by AAA Members

All AAA members will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite photos in each category in September. Then, the top photos in each category will be displayed during the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago and appear in Anthropology News.

Online Submission Only

Due to the high volume of entries and the large file size of high resolution photos, all entries must be submitted via the online form at http://projects.aaanet.org/photo_contest/form.cfm.


Curious about past selected photos? Check out the 201220112009 and 2008 photo contest results.

If you have any questions or comments, you contact Amy Goldenberg at photos@aaanet.org.


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