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What do Anthropologists Say about Same-sex Marriage?

As the marriage bill heads to the U.K. House of Lords for its second reading, Roger Lancaster contributes an anthropological perspective on marriage as a labile institution, designed to meet societal needs and necessarily not tethered to a heterosexual dyad in his latest Huffington Post article. His words offer a trenchant rebuttal to the director of Catholic Voices and the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose positions all appear in a provocative and engaging new volume: The Meaning of Matrimony, just published by Civitas. The UK debate coincides with anticipation that the U.S. highest court will rule on Windsor v. U.S. – Defense of Marriage Act before the term ends in late June.

In addition to this newly released volume, AAA is keeping anthropological perspectives at the forefront of these debates in the debut issue of Open Anthropology, a compilation of 11 articles that similarly show how mutable and varied domestic arrangements are.


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