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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

New AAA Office

Check out the front door of the new AAA office. Does something seem not quite right? Tell us what’s wrong with this photo and be entered to win a piece of random AAA swag unearthed during the move. Don’t be a spoiler by sharing your answer in the comments, please send your answer to Joslyn at josten@aaanet.org by 3pm Eastern on Friday, June 28.

And the WINNERS are…

Jennifer Steiner
Matthew Chouest
Guven Witteveen
Angela Helt
Hugh Jarvis
Sarah Dillard Mitchell
Sean Bruna-Lewis
Jessica Mason
Mary Kelaita
Pascale Boudreault
Kassandra ter Beek
Alice Rondeau

Winners were chosen via random selection of name drawn out of a recycled paper bag. We’ll be in touch with you via e-mail for your mailing address.

The mistake in the photo was that the Association’s name was spelled wrong on the placard. To the relief of staff, the Association had not changed it’s name in the move and the Executive Board did not want to trend a new sub-field of study. As depicted in a more recent photo, we proudly remain the American Anthropological Association:

American Anthropological Assocation

To ease some other concerns brought up in our contest by respondents-

  • In a recent Google search, “antropology” is not actually a word, albeit mighty entertaining to think it could be the study of ants. The study of ants is actually called myrmecology.
  • Our doors do have a locking mechanism at the top of them, so rest assured the office is secure and safe at all times.
  • We actually do have a lovely receptionist. Her name is Susan. Say hello to her next time you call the office. The angle of the photo doesn’t capture where she’s located (see below).
  • The 13th floor really isn’t unlucky afterall.
  • We do not have any farm animals – or any animals housed in the office; but many of our staff members are lovers of animals and pet owners – which they keep at home.
  • The plant in the photo is not in front of the door. Rest assured there are no fire safety hazards blocking the entrance.
  • Our reception area is very welcoming to people of all abilities, here’s a photo of the rest of the reception desk:
    American Anthropological Association New Office

    Susan is drawing the names of the contest winners in this photo.

    Here are a few other photos around our office:

    American Antrhopological Association - new office

    The other side of the reception area.

American Anthropological Association - Ed Liebow

AAA Executive Director, Ed Liebow in his office.

American Anthropological Association - new office
Membership Manager, Richard Thomas


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