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Committee on Emerging Research Questions in the Arctic Seeks Your Assistance

Below is a guest post by Lauren Brown of the National Academy of Sciences Polar Research Board. Please contact Ms. Brown directly with questions.

Polar Research Board

Dear Colleagues,

The Committee on Emerging Research Questions in the Arctic of the National Research Council (NRC) is looking for your assistance. This committee is charged to provide guidance on future research questions in the Arctic over the next 10-20 years, identifying the key scientific questions that are emerging (i.e., only now becoming possible to ask or address) in different realms of Arctic science and exploring both disciplinary realms (e.g., marine, terrestrial, atmosphere, cryosphere, and social sciences) and cross cutting realms (e.g., integrated systems science and sustainability science).

To help us accomplish our goals, the committee would like to draw widely on the expertise and experience of the Arctic science community. We kindly request your assistance by filling out a short questionnaire: http://dels.ARQ-Questionnaire.sgizmo.com/s3/.

Thank you for taking time to provide input to this study. We request your contribution by Friday, August 23, 2013. Please feel free to share this email and the survey link with your colleagues.

If you would like to be kept abreast of the study and notified when the Committee’s report is available, please provide your contact information here: http://dels.Emerging-Research-Questions-in-the-Arctic.sgizmo.com/s3/.

Thank you,
Stephanie Pfirman, Barnard College, Committee Co-Chair
Henry Huntington, Pew Charitable Trusts, Committee Co-Chair
Maggie Walser, National Research Council, Study Director

Questions can be directed to Lauren Brown at the NRC: LBrown2@nas.edu.


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