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100 most downloaded articles from AnthroSource

I am often asked about the most read articles. Looking at just the AnthroSource platform (which sits on Wiley Online Library), it’s amazing that at the top of the list is the 1956 American AnthropologistBody Ritual of the Nacerima”– downloaded 11,413 times in 2012 alone. Which article is number 2? Check out AAA Top 100 Articles of 2012(PDF version). All the articles listed will be ungated through the summer.

And the answer to the poll will be posted on the 25th.

3 Responses

  1. […] the American Anthropological Association blog we learn that the Top 100 AAA Articles of 2012, the articles most downloaded from Anthrosource […]

  2. […] is a report fro AAA that Horace/Harold Miner’s 1956 article “Body Image Among the Nacirema” is the most […]

  3. I forgot to post the answer. My apologies. Lucky for me, it’s on the attachment. Of the four articles in the poll, “Social Network Analysis” is the winner with 2,442 downloads in 2012. The “Childhood Obesity Epidemic” received 2,783; “Baby Talk in Six Languages” received 1,340; “Early History of Felt” was viewed 1,095 times. I find it astounding and wonderful that felt is a topic of interest for more than one thousand viewers.

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