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Seeking A Great AAA Love Story

heart_of_sand-1824It is no secret that the AAA Annual Meeting provides an amazing networking opportunity. And perhaps its been all the Valentine’s marketing in the air that has me wondering, is there couple out there who attribute their courtship to the AAA Annual Meeting? Perhaps you initially met at the meeting or had the opportunity to get to know one another better while at the meeting. I’ve heard rumors that some have even gotten married at past AAA Annual Meetings (If it’s true, I’d like to hear from you!).

The meetings are quite large, more than 7,000 attendees last year, so what was it about the individual that caught your attention? Maybe you sat next to each other at a session or met in the coffee line?

Send your love story to me, Joslyn at josten@aaanet.org. I’ll share them here on the AAA blog throughout February. Here are the details needed:
-the year of the meeting you met
-how you met
-a photograph if available
-your permission to share your story and photo

Thank you for sharing your great AAA love story!

3 Responses

  1. Really? The AAA staff has nothing more important to do?

  2. Reblogged this on Swift, like Shadows and commented:
    Ohhhh myyyy, Anthropology! I can’t wait to see what comes from this ;)
    A Chocolat story? Maybe you come from life-circumstances marginal to the discipline, and, setting yourself up among la village tranquille of structuralism or something, you struggle to make your way, and free your fellow young scholars from the double-and-triple binds of their scholarship, and you meet your true love, the departmental river-rat whose ideas are a bit too intense for your school of thought, but you just love how they’ve pulled you out of the clutches of la tranquilite?
    Or maybe…
    A Life Less Ordinary?
    You’re the hotshot who’s going to write the Great American Ethnography, rockin’ socks like Boas, if only you could catch your lucky break! And then you meet THE be-all-end-all, descendant of some great anthropologist, grew up in academe, and you go on a road-trip adventure, and have to rob a few banks of knowledge to survive your project!

  3. I’m not sure that this is such a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, I met my wife at an academic conference, but after the whole Craig’s List-MLA scandal, do we really want to actively seek to explore and publicize the extra-curricular activities at the conference? Does the American Medical Association do this? Do the larger academic societies go down this road? It just strikes me as a bit more Match.com than AAA. I can see a whole round of stories (maybe Wade at the New York Times) about how the AAA, in addition to being ‘anti-science,’ is a nest of hook-ups and a forum for lovelorn anthropologists to meet over discussion of Latour and poster sessions. Have we really thought this through?

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