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It’s time to vote in the 2014 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button. The deadline to vote is May 31st at 5pm ET.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Featured today are the candidates for the Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology Undesignated Seat #3: Purnima Mankekar and Kristin Yarris.

Responsibilities of the committee members include:

  • Monitor gender discrimination within the discipline
  • Pursue greater parity for women in the discipline by means of:
    a. monitoring, including gathering information that illuminates issues that effect the diverse women in anthropology as well as efforts to obtain existing comparable survey data,
    b. advocating, including bringing findings before the Association’s members, in the form of resolutions, when appropriate and
    c. educating, including distributing brochures, meeting with department chairs, setting up an interactive presence on the internet/web and writing periodic updates for the AN.
  • Identify forms of sexual harassment in all settings where anthropologists work and learn including the varieties of biases that complicate issues regarding race/ethnicity, gender stereotyping and preferences, class, and disabilities.
  • Interact on an ongoing basis with the Association’s long range planning process on issues of gender parity.

Click here to learn more about the Committee on Gender Equality in Anthropology.

Purnima Mankekar

Mankekar_PurnimaMy research is in the anthropology of gender and my career displays the convergence of my scholarship and activism. I have invested a great deal of energy at both my institutions, Stanford (1993-2006) and UCLA (2007-present), in monitoring and advocating for greater gender equity at all levels. I am committed to mentoring women students, students of color, and my junior women colleagues, and have a proven track record in this regard. I am a member of the UCLA senate as well as of the UC-wide senate where I monitor and advocate for gender equity, particularly with reference to women of color and queer/transgender students and faculty. I am now ready to apply my knowledge and experience to contexts wider than my home institution. As a long-standing member of the AAAs, I am excited about an opportunity to get more involved in the functioning of the organization, especially with regards to equity within our discipline. Being appointed to the Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology will provide me with a terrific opportunity to do so. I look forward to being part of a team that is committed to working on gender equity issues in our discipline over the long term.

Kristin Yarris

Yarris_KristinI am committed to gender equity within our discipline and would use my research skills, professional experience and institutional position to help advance the CoGEA’s objectives. I believe the CoGEA should advocate for gender equity at various institutional levels within our discipline by working with students, tenure-track and non tenure-track faculty, administrative staff, practicing anthropologists and AAA governing bodies. I am committed to inclusivity in our discipline more broadly and support CoGEA’s efforts to achieve parity and equity for sexual, racial, ethnic, social class, and cultural minorities as well as for people living with disabilities. I would help advance CoGEA’s efforts to advocate for gender equity by researching the policies advanced by faculty and staff unions and other advocacy efforts and would seek to disseminate this information widely to AAA membership and beyond through the CoGEA. Other ideas I have for achieving gender parity within our discipline include advocating for family-friendly and healthy workplaces through leave and benefits policies, expanding institutional support for caregivers of dependent relatives, and monitoring gender disparities in specific outcomes such as time-to-tenure or ratio of tenured to non-tenured faculty in order to remedy these disparities.

Log-in to AnthroGateway to vote today!


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