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Get Involved

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with the American Anthropological Association.

First and foremost, become a member. Join the world’s largest professional society of anthropologists. With more than 11,000 members across the globe, AAA is committed to advancing anthropology as the science that studies humankind in all its aspects, through archaeological, biological, ethnological, and linguistic research; and to further the professional interests of American anthropologists; including the dissemination of anthropological knowledge and its use to solve human problems. AAA is comprised of nearly 40 constituent sections and eight interest groups that share a passion for anthropology and recognize the value of scientific exchange that crosses all borders.

Join your colleagues and help further AAA’s mission to advance and to promote anthropology – Become an AAA Member today!

AAA Seeks Guest Bloggers
AAA is seeking guest bloggers to share their anthropological work and research here on the AAA Blog. Blogging is open to all AAA members. The AAA Blog has more than 10,000 readers both members and non-members. Blog posts should be written geared toward a public audience and have an average of 500 words. All topics related to the field of anthropology will be considered. AAA plans the blog schedule in advance, please contact Joslyn (josten@aaanet.org) with your topic idea to be added to the blog calendar.

To submit a guest blog post please submit the following information via e-mail to Joslyn at  josten@aaanet.org:

  • Name
  • Author biosketch
  • Blog post, including title
  • Indicate if the post is time sensitive

Write for the AAA Huffington Post Blog
AAA has a contributing relationship with The Huffington Post. AAA members are encouraged to contribute to this unique relationship. Blog posts should be written geared toward a public audience; a conversational, informal style is ideal. News-driven, topical posts perform best on the site. The post should be 500-8000 words in length. If you are interested in contributing a blog post for the Huffington Post, please contact Joslyn (josten@aaanet.org).

To submit a blog post please submit the following information via e-mail to Joslyn at josten@aaanet.org:

  • Name
  • Author biosketch (this will appear at the bottom of the article)
  • Title
  • Blog post of 500-800 words
  • Section the post should be categorized in (see list of Huffington Post sections by clicking “All Sections” on the menu bar)
  • Images are welcome (must be .jpg and a maximum of 500 pixels wide)

AAA reserves the right to refuse submitted posts or multimedia content for both the AAA blog and its contribution to the Huffington Post. Items submitted to the Huffington Post are subject to the Huffington Post editorial process. Huffington Post editors will determine to post or refuse the content. This process can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks.

Below are general guidelines for both the AAA blog and AAA’s contribution to the Huffington Post blog:

Blog Post Guidelines

  • Posts should not exceed a 500-800 word limit
  • Include a title. Maximum recommended title length is 40 characters (including spaces)
  • Author biosketch is no more than 50 words and includes the author’s current affiliation.
  • No endnotes, footnotes, bibliographies. Any citations must be internal.
  • Post is finalized and ready for publication. To keep up with the speed of publishing with our limited staff resources, editorial review will be very light.
  • Include hyperlinks when appropriate. Items to be hyperlinked should be underlined and a list of corresponding urls should be at the end of the post.

Writing Suggestions

  • Limit the key points you wish to make to three or four; readers will be more likely to absorb and remember your piece if you help them to focus.
  • Keep in mind that most of your readers will not be familiar with your specialty and its particular jargon. Write for a broad and diverse anthropology audience. Avoid jargon.
  • Begin with the bottom line: feature the single most powerful sentence as the opening line. Consider: What is the main point of your piece? What is it that you would like the reader to remember most?
  • Your points and examples should clearly and effectively support your argument.
  • End with a brief statement of what it is that you want the reader to retain.
  • Feature concrete examples. Examples not only draw the reader into the subject more easily, they facilitate a much more rapid comprehension.

Multimedia Guidelines (AAA Blog only)

  • Photographs and multimedia are encouraged.
  • Include a clear caption and credit information for each article of multimedia.
  • Submit visuals only as jpg, tif or wav files.
  • Soundfiles should be mp3s and are limited to 5 MB.

AN logo_apr27dContribute to Anthropology News

AAA members are encouraged to contribute to Anthropology News. Click here for details.

3 Responses

  1. The article,, ‘Zaragemca on Egypt and China). Is the Anthropology / History Debate of the Century. It is at the British website, Mikedolbear.com, ( sencond page of the, Off Topic, site of the forum). Gerry Zaragemca had a number one article at the, United Nation International Music Council. The article, was, ‘Zaragemca Ph D in Guaguanco’.

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