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Going to San Francisco? Book your hotel.

Get ready for the 2012 AAA Annual Meeting by booking your hotel today to take advantage of the reduced rates for AAA attendees. Click here for the hotel options and details.

Students take note of the special rate just for you! These rooms book very quickly, so don’t delay and book today!

These prices are only available until October 22nd.

Call for Papers: 2012 Anthropology and the Environment Society Mentoring Program

The Anthropology and Environment Society (formerly the Anthropology and Environment Section of the AAA) seeks participants for a new mentoring event, which will take place during the 2012 AAA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  We will select students to meet in small groups with A&E faculty members to workshop their dissertation projects (or pieces of them).  We aim for this program to not only build graduate student networks within Environmental Anthropology, but also to provide a constructive space to share dissertations-in-progress.  Ph.D. students in any stage of their program are welcome to apply.  For consideration for this year’s mentoring event, please send the following documents to Sarah Besky (besky@umich.edu) by September 15:

• A 500 word abstract of a dissertation (for students who have not yet begun writing-up) or dissertation chapter (for students writing-up).  This abstract should indicate the student’s stage in her program as well as describe: 1) particular questions or concerns the student has with the piece; and 2) why the student is interested in participation.  (If the student is submitting a chapter, please describe of how the chapter fits into the larger dissertation.)

• The full-length version of the student’s dissertation proposal or chapter.

Given time constraints, A&E faculty members will only be able to comment on the dissertation’s overall conceptualization (i.e. the dissertation proposal) or the contents of one dissertation chapter. Please do not submit complete dissertation drafts.

The A&E Mentoring Program is separate from the Rappaport Prize, which is given for article length and breadth writing.  Together with the Rappaport Prize, the A&E Mentoring Program is aimed at creating a supportive and inclusive intellectual community within the Anthropology and the Environment Society.

Call for Papers: Association for Feminist Anthropology Sessions

The Association for Feminist Anthropology welcomes sessions to be considered for inclusion in AFA’s programming for the 111th AAA Annual Meeting, to be held November 14-18, 2012 in San Francisco. The AAA meeting theme this year is “Borders,” so AFA particularly welcomes panels that take up “borders” from a feminist anthropological perspective. Various approaches to the theme include papers and sessions that might explore:

  • Borders/collaborations/intersections between feminist anthropology and other scholarly spaces from within and beyond anthropology: critical race studies, queer studies, and/or women’s studies; linguistics and genetics; political science, geography, environmental, and/or policy studies; migration and immigration studies and/or economics and archaeology and/or ethnography; biology/history/cultural studies; masculinity and/or gender studies; educational psychologies and social work; etc., etc., etc.
  • Existing or potential conversations/alliances/engagements between scholarly anthropology and everyday activism
  • Geographical, political, and ecological borders and the people who move across and re-define them: histories/archaeologies/economies of trade, trafficking, and/or transnationalism; refugees, resettlements, and asylum seekers; multiple and multiplying citizenships; migration, immigration, and diasporas; etc.
  • “Borders” and “borderlands” in terms of identities: liminal; queer; mestizaje; mixed-race; transgender
  • The “in between” scholar working across/between/among disciplines; conducting research and participating within communities; “insider anthropology”; Lorde’s concept and Harrison’s theorizing of the “outsider within”

We are especially interested in sessions that take advantage of the meeting site of San Francisco by involving local activists, practitioners, and policy makers, whether they are anthropologists or not. If you have questions about the details of registration for non-anthropologists, please let us know.

Also, if submitting for AFA invited or sponsored status, please consider whether your panel could be co-sponsored by AFA and either one or multiple other sections of the AAA. This allows AFA to maximize its presence in the program, gain a potentially greater audience for your panel, and cross the “borders” among AAA sections.


February 1: Online abstract submission system opens on AAA website
March 15:
Deadline for submitting proposed sessions for section invited status consideration and public policy forums via www.aaanet.org
April 4:
Results of section invited session proposals announced by section program committee chairs
April 15:

  1. Proposal deadline for volunteered sessions, individual paper and poster presentations, media submissions and special events via www.aaanet.org
  2. Participants must be registered for the meeting by this date for inclusion in 2012 AAA Annual Meeting program

April 16-May 31: Section program co-chairs review and rank paper and session proposals
July 1-15:
Program decisions emailed to applicants

For more information, and to submit a proposed session, please contact 2012 Program Chairs: Susan Harper (sharperbisso@twu.edu) and Jennifer Patico (jpatico@gsu.edu).

Please also consider student-focused workshop ideas for AFA sponsorship. To learn more, or submit a proposal, contact Sophie Bjork-James, at (sbjorkjames@gmail.com).

Executive Session Submissions now accepted through January 31, 2012

Submissions seeking Executive Session Status, only, for the 2012 Annual Meeting are now being accepted at aaa.confex.com\aaa\2012\portal.cgi

Submitters must be current members and registered to attend the Annual Meeting in San Francisco November 14-18, 2012.

AAA is only accepting submissions seeking Executive Program Status now, all other annual meeting submissions will begin on February 15, 2012.


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