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Help Expand AAA Programming

AAA has a history for producing quality programs that advance anthropology and allow for expansion of our research and teaching to new audiences. Program growth and development depend on the generous contributions of members like you!

Among the many worthwhile activities, awards and programs that the AAA supports through its fundraising efforts are the following important funds. Your gift may be designated to a specific fund or divided between more than one.

RACE Educational Outreach: Through its three traveling RACE museum exhibits and www.understandingRACE.org website, AAA is increasing public knowledge of race – what it is and what it isn’t. Development of these new educational resources will further the process and provide an opportunity for AAA members to share their knowledge with K-12 students and teachers and others interested in learning about race and valuing human variation from an anthropological perspective. AAA members will find the materials invaluable for CSL courses, lectures, workshops and other public engagement efforts.

Internship Program: The objective of this program is to provide anthropology students with the opportunity to work with the staff of AAA and other agencies within the DC metropolitan area on projects that are aligned with their areas of interest within anthropology. The internship will be based within AAA offices and include an outreach component with a participating governmental office, local university, or other allied organization. Target groups are; anthropology majors either in their undergrad junior or senior year and graduate students.

Gray Literature and Technical Report Portal: The AAA will develop on-line portal to provide access to gray literature and technical reports. This portal will link to information and reports stored on a combination of AAA, government, NGO, and other websites to provide greater access to anthropological reports and other material that do not have an ISBN number, and which are commonly not sold in conventional commercial publishing venues. This portal will increase access to archaeological site reports, governmental technical reviews, social impact studies, grant reports, data sets, text collections, and similar products that are useful in the research and professional work of many anthropologists.

AAA Endowment Fund: Our endowment fund is the key to our future. Your gift ensures that the AAA will be able to advance the discipline of anthropology by broadening our programs and services.

Please make your contribution today!


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