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AAA Code of Ethics in Review

Have you reviewed AAA’s complete draft Code of Ethics? AAA members have until Saturday, September 3rd to review and comment on the draft Code of Ethics. Visit the Ethics Task Force tab at the top of this blog page for complete commentary and draft stages of this Code of Ethics review.  Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment for the Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review.

Click here to review the draft to the existing Code of Ethics.

Ethics Task Force Compiles Draft Principles One to Four

The Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review has compiled the first four draft principles for member review.  These are the same draft principles that have previously been posted here. The Task Force wanted to circle back and post the draft principles as compilation in a continued request for help from AAA Members in the reviewing and refining process.

We read your comments and suggestions, and value your views and concerns, and are using them to revisit, review and revise the text on an ongoing basis. We have posted a comment under Principle 1 addressing the concerns that were brought up in member responses to that principle. As we noted there, we consider this an on-going dialogue.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-The Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review

The Task Force will have a fifth draft principle available for member review and comments next week. Please check back with the Ethics Task Force blog pages frequently for updated information and comments.



A Message from the Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review

This is a special message to AAA Members from the Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review. To view previous draft principles and additional information on this review process, please visit the Ethics Task Force blog page.

Dear AAA Member:

Over the past year and a half, the Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review, pursuant to a charge put forward by the Executive Board, has been undertaking a thorough review of our association’s Code of Ethics [you can see the original charge here].

The task force began their work in early 2009 by creating a survey which was disseminated to the entire membership. The survey was meant to be both a broad examination of perceptions of codes of ethics in general – what they should do, what they cannot do – and an assessment of opinions about the AAA code of ethics and its specific content. We wanted to know if and how the membership used the code in practice and in teaching, and if there were ways to make the code more relevant to our work.

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