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Green Options for AAA Members

Earth Day is a great opportunity to remember the green options that the American Anthropological Association offers to its members:

AAA Journals To Go Fully Digital in 2016

pub modelReaders may recall that in November 2013, the AAA Executive Board adopted a series of recommendations from the Committee for the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing that embrace new ways of producing and distributing its journals and endeavor to get the association’s publishing program on sustainable footing. One of the several changes includes member print copies becoming fully digital starting in 2016. Individual members can purchase, at cost, a print subscription to any journal published by sections that member has joined if they wish to receive the print copy.

Don’t want to wait until 2016 for your digital copies? You can help lower our ecological footprint today by opting out of receiving AAA’s print journals. 14 section journals are currently participating in this special green initiative. Receive the same great content online as you would in the print version. Contact Members Services to participate today.

Green Annual Meeting Registration

2014-AAA-Annual-Mtg-logo-Small-CMYKMore than 25% of meeting attendees last year opted for the Green Registration. Offered at a discounted rate, the green registration offsets AAA’s carbon footprint by choosing to use an e-reader formatted program, online personal scheduler and/or the AAA Annual Meeting Mobile app to navigate the conference. Thus far, more than 30% of meeting registrants have opted to go green. Meeting Registration is going on now, if you haven’t already, opt to go Green today!

The Anthropology and the Environment Section offer guidelines, called “Greening the Meeting,” to help meeting participants reduce their carbon footprint. Their suggestions include individual choices to be made about transportation, use of standard hotel services, and communications.

Honor and Shame and the Unity of the Mediterranean

Edited by David Gilmore, Honor and Shame and the Unity of the Mediterranean is available at the AAA online store at a discounted member rate.

Gilmore provides new, comparable data on Peristiany’s paradigm, “honor and shame.” He reexamines fundamental assumptions about Mediterranean unity made on the basis of the original honor/shame model.

This volume is thus especially significant and timely, and should be recognized as generally important for anthropologists, regardless of their particular ethnographic concerns.  Saunders~Anthropological Quarterly 1988.

SUPPORTS: European history and area studies, coursework in religion, anthropology of gender and social control.

Gender and Race Through Education and Political Activism: The Legacy of Sylvia Helen Forman

Published in partnership with the Association for Feminist Anthropology, Gender and Race Through Education and Political Activism: The Legacy of Sylvia Helen Forman is edited by Dena Shenk. Purchase the book at a special AAA member rate of $10.00.

Highlights of the book include:
On Sylvia Forman, Intellectual Progeny, and American Struggles: An Overview – Kay B. Warren
`Verticality': Concept and Practice, Past and Future – Sylvia Helen Forman
Conflict, Coffee, Cattle and Corn: Inversion of Gender through Development in Rural Honduras – Libbet Crandon-Malamud
Planning and Training to Improve Service Delivery for Older African American – Sue Perkins Taylor
The Politics of Advocacy in Anthropology: Organizing the Human Rights and Environment Study – Barbara Rose Johnston
Women’s Groups in Belize, Central America: The Quest for Female Autonomy – Irma McClaurin
Hear You Tell It: Teaching Anthropology in Prison – David Glyn Nixon

See the Table of Contents for complete details.

Anthropology and Middle Class Working Families: A Research Agenda

Did you know that AAA’s Online Store offers a variety of works and books on anthropology?

Anthropology and Middle Class Working Families: A Research Agenda is a guide for anthropologists researching the topic. Edited by Mary Margaret Overbey and Kathryn Marie Dudley, this work is described in the preface:

The Research Agenda marks the final step of a project spearheaded by the American Anthropological Association (AAA) to stimulate interest and inquiry among anthropologists in middle class working families and to strengthen this area of research within anthropology. The ending of project we see as a new beginning and resurgence of anthropological studies on the conditions and concerns of middle class working families.

To review the table of contents and place your order, click here.

The Anthropology and Middle Class Working Families: A Research Agenda is available for purchase at a special rate of $5.00 for AAA members. Order your copy, today!


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