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I Still Got Joy – Strength and Resilience After Breast Cancer

Michelle Chatman writes for Anthropology News this month in a piece called I Still Got Joy. This article and video encompass AN’s theme this month of Health, Happiness and Well Being by highlighting strength and resilience of black women who face breast cancer. Click here to read the entire piece and view the video. Below is an excerpt:

Black Women’s Strength and Resilience after Breast Cancer

The African American spiritual song, “I Still Got Joy,” sings of resilience in the face of challenges like breast cancer. Despite advancements in medical technology that have improved treatment and survivorship outcomes of cancer patients, African Americans still face a disproportionately high breast cancer mortality rate—almost 39% higher than that of white women, according to the American Cancer Society. The socioeconomic challenges associated with the lack of access to breast cancer care have been widely noted. Less understood however, are the psychosocial barriers that Black women face as they manage their breast cancer diagnosis and undergo treatment and seek out support. I led a study to help address this gap in our knowledge.

To read the entire article by Chatman, click here.


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