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Inside AAA – Meet Amy

Inside AAA is a blog series that provides readers the opportunity to get a glimpse of the people who work for you, the AAA member. In this series, staff members provide insight on their job and themselves.

This week, Inside AAA features Amy Goldenberg. She is AAA’s Managing Editor, Anthropology News.

What is your favorite on-the-job task?
I think my favorite task is reading proposals for pieces in AN. It’s a great way to see what anthropologists are up to. There are a lot of interesting and creative projects out there, and I really enjoy getting at least a glimpse of them.

What is the most rewarding on-the-job moment?
The most rewarding time for me is when our box of fresh ANs arrives from the printer.  I like holding the results of our mad dash to meet the monthly press deadline right there in my hands. In graduate school, my friend and I used to joke about the quality of our papers being based on how heavy they were after we printed them out – the heavier, the better. I don’t judge publications on weight anymore, but it’s still quite satisfying to have the month’s work in my hands.

What is the most bizarre object in your office?
If by bizarre, you mean unique, I’ll have to go with a drawing my daughter did. It’s a picture of a pirate girl with an eye patch in the shape of a heart.

What is your favorite activity outside of work?
Right now I’m trying to learn how to garden. My goal is to not kill so many plants. If it turns out that keeping plants alive is beyond my abilities, I’m going to start collecting garden gnomes.


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