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AAA President responds to Howard U decision

AAA President, Virginia Dominguez, responds to Howard University’s decision to close their Anthropology department with extreme disappointment. In her letter to University President, Dr. Sidney Ribeau, she urges the Howard’s President to reconsider the decision. Click here to see the letter.

Anthropology Education Featured in Sept AN

AN Sept 2010

September Anthropology News In Focus commentaries on anthropology education are now posted on our Current Featured News page, free to the public throughout the month. This month’s In Focus articles are by Luke Eric Lassiter and Elizabeth Campbell; Silvia Torezani; Aaron Thornburg; Andrea L Jenkins; Anastasia Panagakos and Amanda Paskey; Lydia Brassard; Sally S Booth; Nafisa Fera; and Scott A Lukas. Full issue content is available via AnthroSource, including additional thematic articles from other sections by contributors Maureen Malloy and Jeanne M Moe; Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris and Alaka Wali; Beverly A Chiarulli, R Scott Moore, Sarah W Neusius, Ben Ford and Marion Smeltzer; and Marilynne Diggs-Thompson.

Anthropology education today is in a moment of transition. MA and PhD employment opportunities are changing, teachers and administrators are experimenting with new classroom formats and technologies, and educators are encountering new pedagogical standards and assessment models. The commentaries in this series consider the present and future of anthropology education as experienced by students and teachers in a variety of settings, from K-12 to university classrooms. They examine opportunities for and limits of flexibility in educational environments, and teaching strategies to engage introductory and advanced anthropology students alike.


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